Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Sleek and Stealthy Super Yacht

Power comes from a combination of solar technology and Formula 1 engines

Code-X a Swiss company based in Meggen on Lake Lucerne, has created a super sleek high speed motor boat whose power comes from a combination of solar technology and Formula 1 engines.

The uncompromisingly designed yacht, symbolises a dream come true for the designers who seek to unite radical purism and optimal benefit of renewable energy with the sheer power of a racing machine in one hull. A flexible solar hybrid propulsion system enables both quiet, environmentally friendly cruising in ports and coastal areas as well as the exhilaration of high speeds up to 90 knots in open waters

The twin cross-mounted V10 marine combustion engines are Ilmor MV10-710 where the 710 figure indicates the torque of each at the maximum 6300 rpm. The yachts range at 4800 rpm is 880 nautical miles

The company started with the goal of developing products with maximum exclusivity that use renewable energy sources to serve a common good in the mid to long term and serial production maturity subsequent to further development.

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